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Rising to Success: How Moira Walker Built Her Thriving Bakery Business

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Moira Walker is a former deli owner who turned her passion for pie baking into a successful cottage bakery business. Moira began her business baking pies on the weekends, and selling from a charming roadside stand, using an honor box for payment.

Her business grew through word of mouth, and the support of her local community.

Before long, Moira expanded her business by participating in farmers’ markets and networking with other vendors to find new opportunities.

She discovered the game-changing cheddar pastry recipe during a course at King Arthur and started making savory hand pies, which helped her expand her menu and grow her business even more.

Before long, Moira started putting processes in place around marketing, production, and operations that helped her scale – while staying committed to working from her home kitchen, with no employees. Over the years, she has optimized her production process by using smart planning, labeling, and automation – and has also upgraded her equipment to keep pace with the growing demands for her product.

Her business, Pies By Moira, has a strong online presence on Facebook and Instagram, where she announces her weekly menu and takes pre-orders in advance of the markets she attends.

Moira prioritizes efficiency and sustainability in her solo operation, allowing her to maintain her business from home without the need for employees or a brick-and-mortar location. Despite considering a brick-and-mortar shop before the pandemic, Moira realized that her current setup is ideal for her and allows her to focus on her passion for baking, serving her community, and spending time with her family and grandkids.

Moira’s dedication to quality, pricing strategy, and strong relationships with customers have helped her build a thriving business and create a close-knit community of loyal supporters.

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