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7 Steps to Growing Your Revenue as a Food Business Owner: Simple, practical tips for increasing your revenue and growing your income - that you can implement today.


Recipe Costing Essentials

Learn to calculate your recipe costs with ease - so you can be sure you are pricing for profit, every time! Join our introductory recipe costing e-course for bakery owners.


Finance Fundamentals for Food Entrepreneurs

Ready to take your bakery business from struggling to survive to profitability machine? Our flagship e-course shows you how to transform your business finances, sell more, and best of all - put more money in the bank!

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I'm Meg...

My sister Molly and I (that's us there in the photo!) started our bakery in 2014, baking overnight in a shared kitchen space in Chicago. We sold our pastries at local farmers markets, and baked for weddings & events.

In 2016, we opened our first retail storefront in Oak Park, IL.

We absolutely LOVE our bakery, and I pinch myself every day that I get to do this work!

I started Bakery Business Academy in 2019 after getting questions from other aspiring bakery owners about "how we did it". Conversations over coffee and long email exchanges with strangers turned into a thriving community of fellow bakery owners and aspiring entrepreneurs that I am absolutely honored to be a part of!

Imagine what life will be like when you own the bakery of your dreams!

"I took Meg's class right around the time all of this COVID started happening in preparation to opening my bakery at the beginning of 2020. We work out of a commissary kitchen and do late night dessert delivery - my city has loved it! In just two months we have grossed $44,000. Before we launched I made sure all of my margins were looking good before going into something I had no clue about. Don’t let what’s happening in the world devalue just how important a delicious baked treat is. 🍪🖤"

- Gage L., owner of breaüxdoo bakery

dare to dream...

Anita B. Sunset bay candy co.

"Meg is passionate about helping new bakers..."

"My candy business really benefitted from the insights that Meg shared. Great classes!"

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