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Listener Question: Money Matters, & Mastering Your Bakery’s Bottom Line

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Show Notes


In this episode of Kitchen Notes, we’re taking a listener question & diving deep into an essential business finance topic: raising your prices!

On today’s episode, we’ll talk about…

  • The various factors that can impact your bottom-line profitability,
  • The importance of understanding your business costs, which includes overhead costs (rent, utilities, etc.), labor costs (employee salaries), and product costs (ingredients and supplies),
  • Regularly reviewing your profit and loss statements, and why this is absolutely crucial for gaining insights into your business’s financial health.
  • Determining your “bare minimum” number – the minimum revenue needed to cover essential expenses, and avoid losses.
  • Evaluating demand, sales volume, and customer feedback … and how these can help identify if it’s time to adjust pricing, or focus on increasing revenue

External Resources mentioned in the episode:

  1. Recipe Costing Essentials Course: This quick-hitting e-course provides guidance on how to cost your menu items properly – including a handy recipe costing template you can use to price your baked goods. More details can be found at
  2. Finance Fundamentals E-Course: Our flagship e-course for bakery entrepreneurs who are ready to transform their business into a profitability machine! Join the waitlist:
  3. SCORE: Score provides free and low-cost classes for small business owners on various topics, including finance and accounting. You can access their resources at

Remember, understanding your bakery’s finances and making informed decisions about pricing and revenue can lead to a more successful and sustainable business.