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Listener Question – Let’s Talk About Menu Pricing!

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“What should I charge for these chocolate chip cookies?”

“What you would pay for a 6″ custom cake?”

“Can I price these croissants at $4?”

In this episode, we’re talking about the number one question we hear from our community, and it’s probably no surprise it’s about pricing your products!

We also give you the rundown on:

  • The fact that there’s no one right and easy answer for how to price everything you make — but there ARE some things you should take into account when figuring out your answer.
  • Some tools and resources you may find helpful in getting your pricing nailed down.

If you’re looking for more help with pricing your products, we have a course for that! Recipe Costing Essentials is our introductory recipe costing e-course for bakers and food entrepreneurs. To learn more or sign up, please visit

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