The Magic of Branding with Tina Harle from Tina Harle Photography

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Show Notes


Branding is one of those things that’s necessary for your bakery business, but if marketing isn’t in your wheelhouse, you may have no clue where to begin.

In this episode, we’re having a chat with our friend, photographer Tina Harle of Tina Harle Photography who’s built a thriving business focused on food-related businesses. She shares some of her tips for what bakery owners should pay attention to for their branding.

We also discuss:

  • How Tina got into food photography and branding.
  • How her work brings value to the small businesses she works with.
  • Where social media fits into your branding strategy.
  • Her recommendations for getting comfortable showing off what you do behind the scenes.
  • And more.

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