Business Lessons with Cindy Summers – Chicago’s Premier Wedding Cake Designer

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Running a successful bakery requires more than just making fabulous baked goods. Timing, location, marketing, vendor sourcing, staffing and SO much more all need to be taken into account.

On this episode of Kitchen Notes, we’re joined by our friend, Cindy Summers. She’s the former owner of Sugar Fixé in Oak Park, IL, and now owns Flourish Cake Design – a premium custom cake studio in Chicago.

We sat down with Cindy to learn some of the best lessons she’s learned along the way on her bakery ownership journey.

During the episode, Cindy shares:

  • Why doing your research and understanding market factors BEFORE you even begin creates realistic expectations.
  • How she launched & grew a popular french patisserie, which she then sold to create more space for doing what she loves in her business
  • How making connections through mentors in your community can contribute to success.
  • Why allowing ample time before opening means better preparation for both you and your customers.
  • Why you can’t plan to do it all yourself, and having a staffing plan is a must.
  • And even more!

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