How Chickadee Bakeshop Built A Sustainable & Profitable Subscription-Based Bakery Business

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What happens when two friends passionate about baking make the leap from a subscription-based bakery to having a retail storefront?

In this episode, we sit down with Kate and Dorie from the Chickadee Bakeshop to chat about operating 2 business models at once, running a thriving business in a small town, and how partnering with an established business can be a recipe for magic. Their smart approach to business helps ensure sustainable revenue AND has helped them grow and scale, while focusing on baking things they enjoy. These ladies have really created something special!

We also chat with Dorie & Katie about…

  • Why being unique can be your biggest differentiator.
  • How diversity in your revenue streams can create the stability you need to grow your bakery biz.  
  • Why baking is a joy-based economy.
  • And so much more!


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